Discovering Your Life Purpose

Discovering your life purpose is often at the root of our search for authenticity and meaning.

The drive behind many people's self development is the deep yearning to discover meaning and purpose for their lives - meaning that creates and fulfils, that provides guidelines and clarity - that shines a bright light on our pathway through life.

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What does purpose mean?
It means: reason, point, idea and intention.

Here is an article by Melissa Van Rossum that sheds some light on the fascinating topic of discovering your life purpose.

Look out for many more articles on this topic as I search for different viewpoints on discovering your life purpose to bring a rounded perspective.

Discovering Your Life Purpose

What is Your Life Purpose?

Are you on the right path?

Are you making the right decisions?

discovering your life purpose

Studies show that one of the things people most want to know is their purpose in life.

As a nation we are busier than ever, but most are missing a deep, abiding satisfaction with their life. Their relationships and jobs lack meaning and their lives lack direction and Guidance.

When you're on the right path, it's easy to know it. But when you're not living a guided existence, how do you get back on the right path?

First, realize that everyone has a life purpose.

Second, ask yourself - how authentic am I in my life?

Everyone's life purpose is deeply interwoven with the identity of their authentic self. Your authentic self is the deepest part of you, the part of you you can't change, the place within where your true, God-given gifts reside.

If you live a life where you seek to know your true, authentic self, then this part of you will begin to emerge naturally. You'll find that your life experiences unfold like a bloom, each of them filled with Guidance and meaning.

If you force yourself to live a life of social approval, as opposed to an authentic life, you'll find that life is an empty experience with one hard knock after another. You'll feel as though you're always trying to hide something. And you'll feel that no one ever really knows you.

Make a commitment to living an authentic life (and no, this doesn't mean being honest to a fault such as telling your best friend that she really does look fat in that dress) and your purpose will become more clear, and your life more fulfilling.

discovering our life purpose

To some people the idea of an authentic life may seem scary, especially if their true selves are not welcome in the mainstream or if a friend or loved one doesn't approve.

But try to look at it this way...our authentic self is the part of us that God or the Source created. It's the reason why you're here - to learn to share and express that true self with love and acceptance. This is where your God-given gifts and abilities originate. It's impossible for that to be a negative. That which comes from the Source is always good and rooted in love. Regardless of how society sees it.

Yesterday a client came in for a reading and to discuss the state of her marriage. As she started talking I immediately had a vision about their relationship. Rather than functioning as marriage partners, they looked like two separate worlds to me, relating to one another as business partners more so than friends or lovers.

When I mentioned this to Lisa she revealed that they no longer had a sexual relationship and that the only reason she was still involved with him at all was the financial security their alliance offered.

Both had had affairs, she with other men and he with other men as well.

Lisa told me that she was terrified to leave her husband though, for fear that he would not be able to handle life on his own. Though they hadn't discussed it, she knew he was desperate to keep his identity hidden and their marriage allowed him to maintain a lifestyle that his family as well as the neighbors would approve of.

Everyone has to determine for themselves when it's right to openly live their true identity, that's a deeply personal decision. In this particular situation though, I could see how her husband was secretly hoping for the opportunity to live his authentic life. He just couldn't find a way to take the first steps on his own.

Knowing that both were really ready to move ahead I encouraged Lisa to talk openly with her husband. When last I heard from her, they were beginning to happily plan their futures without one another.

We often waste an enormous amount of time worrying what people will think, how they'll judge us and what catastrophes we'll cause because we can't be who our loved ones want us to be. Most of the time, though, these fearsome potential futures never occur.

As a psychic child growing up in a religious family in the South, I went through my own mental and emotional gymnastics worrying about all of these things.

life purpose

Ultimately I realized that my family and I wouldn't have chosen to incarnate together if we didn't share some common lessons. As I mastered my own life lessons, I knew I was helping to light the way for those I loved as well. Even if it wasn't evident to them at the time.

What we can't foresee when we're battling the demons within, is how many lives we'll touch and heal as the result of living an authentic life.

When you live an authentic life without fear and self-judgment, you open the door to magic in your life. Your life purpose becomes brilliantly evident, and living that purpose brings unimaginable gifts of healing, happiness and inspiration to yourself as well as those around you.

It's impossible to find your purpose without being authentic, so set the course for your Authentic Life, watch for the signs that will guide you along the way and enjoy the ride.

Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic & empath. The best selling author of Their Way Home and All You've Ever Known, Melissa helps people awaken to their dreams by showing them how to tap into their own Divine Guidance
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Your leadership story is a self-expression. Your identity comes out in your leadership quotes and leadership style, whether intentionally or not. What part of your style, then, is unintentional? If you were to define the ideal you as a leader, how different would it be from how others perceived you?

Discovering Your Life Purpose is impossible without becoming your authentic self.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate ~
Carl Jung

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