Living a Healthy Life

When you look at the phrase – living a healthy life – do you immediately think of a good diet and plenty of regular exercise?

Does it make you think of slim attractive people with glowing skin, glossy hair and gleaming teeth, brimming with vitality?

This is the media concept of a healthy life style and it's my belief that most people see it exemplified in this way. But is that really all living a healthy life means?

Look again at the phrase – healthy life

living a healthy life

Do you see that it says – Heal - thy - life?

Heal means to make well –

Thy means your

Life means existence or being.

So looking with this awareness at living a healthy life means:

To make well your own being.

In order for us to be living a healthy life style we need to heal our life from all that prevents good health.

I believe this means on every level of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Living a Healthy Life - Balance

The most effective way of making our being well, is to look at the amount of balance in our lives.

For instance, it’s interesting to note that many people who are in tip top shape physically may not be in any sort of shape emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Or how about people who feed their minds through tremendous intellectual endeavors, but live like couch potatoes physically?

living a healthy life

To look after all of ourselves - to tune up and find our authenticity at each level - takes some doing.

Firstly, it means having some awareness that we are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings and that good health means wholeness and balance across these four quadrants.

We might understand about the need for good nutrition and exercise, but what do we think about the importance of working out on an emotional or mental level?

  • Do we take time to feed ourselves mentally?
  • How many of us would have any idea of how to go about doing this?
  • How about emotional wholeness?
  • How many of us fit well in this category of living a healthy life?
  • What about spiritual health?
  • How do we account for this in our own life?
  • What about your level of self care?
  • Are you someone who looks after others first and takes what’s left over?

Living in the Present Moment

Living a healthy life means living in the present moment rather than investing yourself constantly into the future or the past.

living a healthy life
The best way to recognize that you are in the present moment is to get involved in a creative exercise that allows you to lose yourself.

Practice spontaneity as much as possible so as to free up your creative aspect.

Living a healthy life means monitoring our sense of conscious living.

By having greater awareness of the balance of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects we can stand tall on our quest for conscious living.

The reward is gaining that concept of health that we admire – calm, peaceful, centered inner vitality framed within a radiant, lively, attractive healthy body. This is the byproduct of living a healthy life on the inside.

How Does Stress Affect Health?

We look here at how both posture and breathing are affected by stress and how they have a marked effect on your health, your attitude and your emotions.

How stress affects your health.

Do you have an adequate definition of stress? One that helps you to assess how stressed you really are?It’s always useful to know what our own definition of any subject is in order to understand how we would best deal with it.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate ~
Carl Jung

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