Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a Healthy Lifestyle - The Journey Towards Authentic Health

Asking questions is how we find out about someone - what makes them tick - how they think- what they believe.


So by asking questions of ourselves we can do the same thing!

Just as a marathon runner would do his utmost to tune up his physical and mental self for the big race,

living a healthy life
we also need to have awareness about where balance is lacking and what needs tuning as we take action.

Authentic health is about doing the basics well.

We need to look after the mechanics of our bodies, treating them as we would a well maintained car!

Here’s a checklist of things to consider towards living a healthy lifestyle on the quest for an authentic existence.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle - Physical Self

Physical Self

living a healthy life
  • Where’s my balance with my physical needs?
  • Do I have adequate sleep? Or do I regularly burn the candle at both ends?
  • Do I eat a balanced diet or am I careless about basic nutrition?
  • Is my physical exercise program adequate and appropriate for my age and stage?
  • Do I take care of my skin, protecting myself from sun damage?
  • Do I have a regular health check?
  • Do I play,rest and relax as well as work?
  • How’s my posture? Do I breathe properly?
  • How’s my sexual health and balance?
  • Do I have good support systems to sustain me?
  • When did I last move my body freely and with the enjoyment of a dancer?

Living a Healthy Lifestyle - Mental Self

Mental Self

living a healthy life
  • Where’s my thinking at?
  • Do I stay open to learning?
  • How about my self perception?
  • Do I regularly exercise my mind?
  • Do I exercise my memory to keep it fit?
  • What habits prevent authenticity?
  • Do I rest my mind by practicing creativity?
  • Do I clean out my illusions and stale beliefs?
  • Do I release my thinking through regular meditation?
  • Do I freshen up my attitudes, questioning my bias and judgments regularly?

Living a Healthy Lifestyle - Emotional Self

Emotional Self

living a healthy life
  • Do I accept the validity of my feelings?
  • What are my constant fears?
  • Do I respond rather than react?
  • How do I cope with shame, blame and guilt?
  • What state is my inner filing system in?
  • How well do I know myself?
  • What about my self esteem?
  • How do I handle self pity?
  • Do I both give and receive love?
  • Where are my emotional blocks? What negative patterns hold me back?

Living a Healthy Lifestyle - Spiritual Self

Spiritual Self

living a healthy life
  • How do I feed my soul?
  • Do I regularly seek out beauty?
  • How often do I go out in nature?
  • How do I handle silence?
  • Do I listen to my intuition?
  • Where do I find meaning for my life?
  • Do I trust myself?
  • Do I connect with my soul?
  • Do I cherish myself?

Living a Healthy Life
Read more about Living a Healthy Life with balance. The media concept of a healthy life style is exemplified through slim attractive people with glowing skin, glossy hair and gleaming teeth, brimming with vitality. But is that really all living a healthy life means?

Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate ~
Carl Jung

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