Self Acceptance - Accept Yourself First!

Self Acceptance is a major key component of the journey towards authenticity.

Self improvement simply does not work without the healing power of self love and self acceptance.

The immense power of self acceptance is like shining a light into your own mind which allows for spontaneous inner healing and deep personal growth to take place.

For real change to happen we need to understand just how much damage we cause ourselves through self criticsm.

By letting go of self criticism and self judgment, the power of self acceptance radiates throughout our very self, evoking a shift in our self perception. When we move past judgment then the real healing begins!

The following article asks some good questions to help us to begin the process of accepting ourselves.

Self Acceptance - Accept Yourself First!

Accept Yourself First

self acceptance

Self-improvement is great if it's done in a spirit of fun and creativity; however, if we are always feeling that we aren't good enough as we are, we will never be satisfied by any of the changes we make.

The first step in creating the life of our dreams is to arrive at a place of true self acceptance.

That doesn't mean that there aren't things we would like to change. It does mean that our happiness with ourselves does not depend on these changes. If we do not love ourselves unconditionally, it will be difficult for others to do so.

self acceptance

The poet David Whyte speaks to the necessity of taking exquisitely good care of ourselves: "If you do not give to yourself, you will always hold others at emotional gunpoint."

When we place ourselves last on our own lists, we can end up feeling resentful and looking to others to fill us up. When they can't or won't, we might point to our own unworthiness as the cause or blame them for being insensitive! This ends up being a no-win situation.

To begin the process of accepting ourselves, we might want to consider these questions.

1. What do I need to start accepting about my body, my personality, my talents, my perceived weaknesses? (For instance, I do not have an athletic cell in my whole body; and I'm perfectly fine with that - although if I were to suddenly turn into an Olympic champion that would be just fine with me!)

2. What self-talk do I need to change to start this process? We can start by just noticing the things we say to ourselves on a regular basis. Do they serve us or hold us back?

3. How have I adopted the judgments of others as my own?

4. Do I really believe there is some absolute truth to these judgments? If not, which ones do I want to ditch?

5. What do I want to believe about myself?

6. What benefits do I receive from being my own worst critic? Sometimes self-criticism serves to keep us safe from the judgments of others. We tell ourselves that if we judge ourselves first, others won't have to.

7. What do I want others to do for me emotionally that I am not willing to do for myself?

8. Am I willing to commit to accepting myself unconditionally as I am, while recognizing there are areas I'd like to change?

Copyright 2008 by Holly Cox, L.C.P.C., C.D.C.

Article Source:Holly Cox
Over the years, I found myself juggling the roles of mother, daughter, wife, friend, relative, teacher, speech coach, counselor, and life coach.

What is Our Self Identity? Within us all lies the deep yearning to know and to be known. From this comes the question of self identity, who am I? This question lies at the root of all searching on the journey towards meaning and purpose for our lives.

Self Development It is only by connecting with your authentic self that you can allow yourself to look, feel and hear your truth. Then that opens the way to heal your truth. By taking an honest look at yourself with your heart, (through your feelings and not through your thinking, beliefs and habits) we begin to enable change on many levels.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate ~
Carl Jung

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