Self Development Goal

Self Development Goal

At the basis of a true self development goal is the search for authenticity - our authentic self.

  • What do we mean by the search for the authentic self?
  • Why search for authenticity?
  • Is it for everyone?
  • Why do some of us continually strive for this self development goal when others appear genuinely disinterested?
  • Why this compelling journey inwards, this excavation of the true self, this navigation of a pathway that feels so arduous, fearful and all encompassing?
self development goal

It is your true self that drives the search towards any self development goal. The revolutionising of your consciousness comes about often through tragedy, grief, illness and pain.

With awareness, these moments of darkness become opportunities for navigating the depths of your soul to reconnect with your true self and find meaning.

Authentic means genuine, real, valid, true, self-authored and endorsed as legitimate. It is about a willingness to show transparency.

Our Authentic Self has been described as:

The true you,

A fully aligned and congruent self image,

An understanding of one’s values, beliefs and goals

A sense of the public and private image becoming the one true image of one’s self.

Embarking On Our Self Development Goal

Being authentic isn’t about being perfect. Rather, it is about doing our best to be real.

self development goal
As well as our incorporating all our charms and our splendid magnificence, being authentic also means exposing our imperfections, warts and all. This allows for our true beauty and real essence of authenticity to be revealed.

For me the life long journey towards authenticity has been about being born into myself by having the courage to look profoundly into my fears and resistances.

It is a deeply spiritual pathway, one that takes us back to look at our internalized wounds, to practice self forgiveness, and to open into the possibility of becoming more fully conscious.

Self Development Goal -
Becoming More Fully Conscious

You can’t read any of the articles on without coming across this saying by the great psychologist Carl Jung ~ Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

self development goal

We use many method of resistance throughout our life to avoid being truly conscious. Our resistances include such things as habits, speech patterns, belief systems, fears and choices etc. Life’s great distractions include 24 hour television and food to medicate our feelings and to practice lethargy with.

Growing up emotionally requires that we stop blaming – both ourselves and others and that we look within for the core ideas and beliefs which drive our inner history, our consciousness.

Where consciousness is lacking, there is no freedom possible, no authentic choice can be made, no self development goal achieved. It is paradoxical that while we try to avoid and hide from the past, we suffer it’s tyranny in far deeper ways than if we have the courage to confront it.

In fact, we collude with the pain of our suffering by continually endorsing its presence in our lives. To collude literally means to “be in cahoots with”, to conspire with. When you really look at this concept, you can see that the power of our early wounding has us in its clutches.

self development goal
So much of our life then conspires to continue growing those wounded feelings, to endorse them, to feed them and to unite with them.

Our wounds fester and we bind them and wrap them up deep within us then seek out others to collude with us and continue to feed the sore. Why would we do that instead of carving out the pain, cleaning out the wound and allowing for healing?

self development goal
This inner tyranny possesses us unless we become conscious and begin to direct our life according to new perceptions.

It is only by connecting with our authentic self that we can allow ourselves to look, feel and hear our truth. Then that opens the way to heal our truth.

By taking an honest look at ourselves with our hearts, (through our feelings and not through our thinking) we then begin to enable change on many levels.

Our Self Development Goal

It is not enough just to want to implement change and gain awareness of unhelpful thinking, beliefs and habits.

In order for change and growth, new ways of thinking, feeling and acting need to be deeply integrated into our sense of self so our real self can shine through.

To know ourselves is to embrace the darkness of our personality while also embracing the light of our soul.

This journey cannot be avoided if our self development goal is to seek real happiness.

As the Zen saying goes,

Everywhere you go, there you are!

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Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate ~
Carl Jung

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