Stress Relief Tips

There are many different stress relief tips that will bring some sense of control to your life when your stress is high. In this article we will look at posture, breathing and attitude as instant stress relief tips.

I say instant simply because you can change how you feel quickly by changing your breathing, the way you are holding your body and some of your thinking.

When did you last stop to think about the message you are strongly sharing with others by the way you hold yourself, by the stress signals emanating from your posture and from the way you breath?

Stress Relief Tips - What about your breathing?

stress relief tips

It's very good to get into the habit of monitoring the way you breathe.

Here's why!

Shallow breathing is the hall mark of stressed bodies.

Sometimes we also hyperventilate and experience spinning sensations. Instead of reaching for more coffee, we would be better off to take several deep breaths and bring a greater supply of oxygen into our systems.

If you aren’t in the habit of practicing it, you would be astonished at how regular, slow, deep and even breathing helps to centre, ground and hold us.

After all, if we didn’t breathe we wouldn’t be here at all. It is the breath that connects us to life – even if for some of us that connection is mighty tenuous!

Stress Relief Tips - Try This For Instant Relief

stress relief tips

Try practicing awareness of both your posture and your breathing next time you have to stand and wait in a queue.

  • Plant your feet firmly under your hips, about a shoulder width apart.
  • Now tuck your tail bone under and stretch your spine upwards towards the ceiling.
  • Roll your shoulders back and downwards and position your neck squarely.
  • Tighten your tummy muscles and reach upwards with your chest to create a ‘space’ between the bottom of your rib cage and your stomach.
  • Gaze straight ahead and draw your breathe deeply through your nose and down to the bottom of your rib cage and gently hold.
  • Now allow the out breath to flow like a sigh from the bottom of your lungs and out of your mouth and feel the difference.

As you breathe deeply into your lungs, you are feeding valuable oxygen into your depleted stystem. The instant sense of relief can be quite remarkable.

Do you remember being told as a child to take several deep breaths and count to ten if you were upset? There is a great deal of truth in this wonderful home spun common sense!

As you breath in deeply you bring strength to your posture which gives an added sense of positivity as you open your chest and therefore your heart to those around you.

Stress Relief Tips - What About Attitude?

We all know that a positve attitude makes all the difference when it comes to stress. Here's a very simple attitude indicator which is achieved by monitoring your speech.

Try using this and see where you are up to on the negative inner attitude scale. You just might be surprised!

stress relief tips

How many times in the space of a few hours do you use negative words such as :

  • I don’t
  • I can’t
  • I hate
  • I never
  • I should
  • I must

We use these phrases often as a way to account for our mostly unspoken fears.

Go for the opposite of each phrase instead, making the decision to change each negative intonation. You may at first be surprised at how deeply imbedded your negative speech is. You may also be surprised at how easily you can embark on an attitude change just by applying the rule of opposites.

Saying I don’t ‘do a particular action’ often simply means I won’t and this can mask a fear that I don’t prevents you from exploring.

Try saying the opposite like this :

I can't becomes I could or I do or I will

I hate becomes what it is actually indicating in the first place!

This is usually a deeper fear rather than just a feeling of hate against a situation.

For instance, people who say I hate shopping often mean they have a fear of crowds, fear of money, fear of finding parking spaces, fear of being alone, fear of making decisions and so on!

Saying I hate keeps you from exploring the real feeling beneath the negative speech habit. Changing from negative to positive speech is very simple and is one of the very powerful stress relief tips.

anatomy link

For the inside view on how stress affects health take a look at this wonderful interactive mind/body graphic from the American Psychological association. It gives a clear indication of the way stress affects different parts of our body.

Click on the link which will open a page on another window – from there click on the Interactive link to view the images in either a male or female body – it’s well worth it!

I would encourage you to raise your level of understanding about what your personal definition of stress is and how stress affects your health.

These stress quotes also show us how others have defined stress for themselves.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate ~
Carl Jung

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